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I 've been working at Jazwares (WCT) since 2018 developing licensed products for the Pokémon brand.
Throughout the past 2 years, I was given the opportunity to develop a variety of segments including: mainline, seasonal, role play, exclusives, and feature/electronic items.
As a softgoods designer, I oversee the development of plush products from conceptualization to production.
My responsibilities involve daily communication with our overseas counterparts and manufacturers, keeping up to date with brand and consumer trends, and ensuring that our products maintain a high level of brand quality.  
8" Plush
24" Plush
Plush Direction Specialty Wave 5.jpg
Turn Sheet - Clip On Plush Pikachu.jpg
Turn Sheet - Clip On Plush Squirtle.jpg
Turn Sheet - Clip On Plush Bulbasaur.jpg
Turn Sheet - Clip On Plush
4%22 Ball Plush Direction.jpg
4%22 Ball Plush Direction1.jpg
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